Shit is getting real!

I'm in the final moments of preparing to launch this website! There is a lot of reflection of what I have been up to over the past two years. And I realize I've done some WORK!! Emotion work along with work figuring out how I want to be in this business and where I would like this business to go. The future of this business is one where I will be able to do this work with people who might not otherwise be able to afford it. 

I want to be a beacon of hope for people who just don't feel like they will ever find their purpose or that they might not ever be able to do the work they want to do in this life because of their financial situation. For me, the journey will include working with owners of  businesses to help bring an empathic culture to the workplace and to work with individuals in an online format to help them unlock their emotional genius. 

My journey hasn't been easy! Or painless. And I guess that is what I never knew about emotions. That the sensations they illicit in my body are painful. The movement forward, for me, takes time. Time to explore, time to integrate all the information I gather, and time to implement one step at a time. In the new culture of entrepreneurship the idea of taking your time isn't really a message that is being presented.  The shift for me lately is having the understanding about myself that right now I need time to make deliberate movements!

I want to welcome my new business into this world in a way that is viable for me and has value for you. With this I understand why self care is so important. It feels good and nurtures my soul. It reminds me that I like to be able to walk my dog and enjoy the summer sunshine on my skin or the cool winter air on my face. That I want more time with my family. And that my work is an important part of my self care too. 

It has been mythological in timing, and imaginative in reality. I head out to Michael Meade's, The Pathless Path retreat in WA. I'm excited to see what is going to come of the weekend with him. And I'm excited to have my website go live and to be offering my first Dynamic Emotional Integration® mini workshop to you.

Grounded where I was welcomed into this life by all of my ancestors.

Grounded where I was welcomed into this life by all of my ancestors.


Dynamic Emotional Integration® is about taking things as slowly or as quickly as your body communicates to you. 

Where do you feel grounded and connected to the feel good things in your life?




Andrea Watkins