Self-Care. It's different for everyone...and

...IT SHIFTS. As we shift, grow, or pause our needs shift. And our self-care needs shift too.

Here in Colorado the cool weather is starting to creep into the last little bit of summer. This morning was the first morning in awhile that I needed to grab my gloves and hat to stay warm on my run. Self-care routines are a little bit like the wardrobe shift the fall weather brings.  Here in Colorado we start carrying a jacket in the car, grabbing gloves in the morning, drinking warm lattes instead of iced. 

How do you notice that your self-care routine could use a check up? 

In Dynamic Emotional Integration® we take a look at our Elemental Balance. Yup. Checking in with our elements:

  • earth (kinesthetic intelligence)
  • air (our intellectual intelligence)
  • water (emotional and artistic intelligence)
  • fire (imagination and spirituality)
  • nature (all of our elements balanced)

helps us dive a little deeper into our soul secrets.

It isn't a step by step process. And I can't tell you exactly what to do, but I can tell you is when we engage with our emotions and understand the messages in them we can look at our current situation(s) with a deep, primal intelligence that is always helping us. And when we welcome in all of our intelligences we can make whole, resourced, and balanced movement in our lives.

I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

Based in Denver, Colorado, Andrea's exploration of the tension between expressing who we really are and the need to belong, perform, and survive in the social world helps her in teaching the skills and practices of DEI.  Andrea’s Teaching Philosophy: Emotions help us discover who we really are and they are guides that help us step more fully into creating a conscious life. She brings  insight, curiosity, and creativity to her workshops, consultations and community. Helping people integrate their unique style into their personal and professional lives is her passion!




Andrea Watkins