The Photo Shoot

We arrived on the island on Thursday. Did an Air BNB stay that night. The home didn't have air conditioning. I got up on Friday to get ready for an all day photo shoot with Britt Nemeth. I showered and cooled off. And very quickly my emotions were letting me know that things were not going to go as planned. I wasn't able to get ready the way I normally do. I was covered in sweat and it wasn't exactly how I wanted to be for the photo session. My worry came forward to remind me how important this photo shoot was to me. My anxiety reminded me that today was the only day I could work with Britt, so I couldn't reschedule. I quickly connected to my anger and connected to what was so important to me about this day, and it wasn't my hair or makeup. Then sadness graciously and tenderly came to hold my heart and help me let go of expectations and remember that I trust Britt with this process. 

 I breath in the sensation of goodness that is here for me on this island. I am in the spot where my soul was brought to this earth. Where I was created with passion and where I was received with warmth, kindness, and deep love from all of my family. And today I am with my husband who supports me every step of the way. And I feel it all the way from my toes to the top of my head and take a minute to just let the goodness permeate my body.

Happiness comes over me like a wave of warm water. And I look forward to what the day will bring. Unknown. Full of possibility.