Self Care. Boundaries. Anxiety. Depression. Work Place Conflict. Emotional Intelligence.

You. At the core.

I specialize in teaching people how to identify and listen to their emotions to help them understand their motivations and how they truly feel. Many of my clients are experiencing intense emotions and are going through difficult situations in their personal or professional lives. I help people connect to their emotions and together we get centered, ask questions, and find new ways to take action. 

emotional intelligence

Emotions tend to be seen as unpredictable, explosive, dangerous, weak, unreliable, and uncomfortable. Not welcome. 

I’m here to change that. Together we listen to your emotions, ask them questions, and find new ideas to work with them.

Get comfortable with emotions so you can get clear on what's important. Together we can uncover fresh perspectives and new strategies.

Communicate effectively and move forward with energy, confidence, strength, and power.

Emotions support meaningful relationships, culture, community, and an overall sense of well-being.

This is where people thrive.

I offer private consultations and private and professional workshops that are customized for the group I am working with.

If you’d like me to facilitate a workshop for your organization, your team, or your friends, please reach out and let’s talk. I’ll get back with you soon.