The Pathless Path Retreat

There are moments in time that open up to the cosmos. You know them because you feel them deep in your soul. Gather those moments and store them in the marrow of your bones.

I'm not even sure how to share the experience of my weekend with Michael Meade and 100 other guests. I found real beauty in the act of witnessing people in their darkest moments and then watching everyone come together as a community to build something sacred and beautiful. This, for me, is one of the gifts I am receiving from the weekend.  

I love the pathless path and it is what my work is all about. All I have to offer is the ability to witness you and welcome you, share what emotions are, how they work, and be on the journey with you as we discover our paths together. What does this even mean? It means we all have a gift, a gold, that we discover in the dark. The darkness is a gift...but we have lost our way in navigating the underworld, the darkness. And we end up stuck there or find our way back over and over and over again.

Are you in the underworld?

Are you depressed? Angry? Sad? Filled with rage? Are you hurting? Not achieving the shit you want to achieve? Is it dark, painful and you think you are alone or that something is wrong with you? Not smart enough? Not enough? Too much?  Are you alone?

There is an ancient, primal, and essential brilliance that serves as a guide in the underworld. I do not have a chart for you to follow, I do not offer you the path I have followed, but I offer you the pathless path and I offer you the language of the guides that will carry you safely on your journey.

Welcome aboard.





Andrea Watkins