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What if our feelings and emotions aren’t the problem, but what we’ve been taught about them is?

Our greatest power and potential lies in the voice of our most faithful and loyal companions-our emotions. The wisdom they carry cannot be found anywhere else. Modern culture has tried to teach us that emotions, like anger, fear, and sadness aren’t good emotions to have because they don’t feel good, hurt people, make us sick, or hold us back.

But, emotions don’t go away and happiness isn’t the salve for everything. When we don’t listen and respond accordingly emotions intensify. We go from being slightly annoyed to intensely angry, from being a little bit sad to wanting to curl up in a ball and die, and from being alert and focused to frozen.

Expressing our emotions tends to hurt people and repressing them tends to hurt us.

We begin to wonder, “what is wrong with me?”

I’m here to teach something different.

reclaim your emotions

There is one thing you can start doing today that can transform your relationship with your emotions. The more we practice this skill, the more we begin to see our emotions as trustworthy and unwavering companions.

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I’m riding the waves of loss and change. I appreciate the consultation-I feel more equipped to handle the ebbs and flow of grief.

Client Testimonial

Shadow work dynamic emotional integration andrea

Andrea has a way about her of making you feel at ease with shining a light on all your dark spots and investigating them further. The number of "A-HA" moments I've had while speaking with her have been innumerable.

Client Testimonial

anger sadness happiness shame andrea dynamic emotional integration

I've never felt so eager to express my true emotions than I have with Andrea. The way she put me at ease when we explored emotional empathy together was unlike any other coaching/mentoring/healing session I've had before. It's nice to not feel ashamed of being angry, sad or happy. It's nice to know that all of me-every emotion-is valid and working towards something greater.

Client Testimonial

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