dynamic emotional integration® consultation 

In preparation for your Dynamic Emotional Integration® consultation, please fill out this questionnaire.

As you answer these questions treat them as a snapshot of your current situation, behavior, skills, challenges, and resources, so that we can focus clearly on your present-day situation.

The information you provide below will help me understand your current emotional strengths and challenges, the current social-emotional situations you're dealing with, and the supportive resources you have in your life.

All of your information-here and in your consultation-will remain confidential.

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About You
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I feel heard and respected in my interpersonal relationships: *
I take good care of myself, and I can say no to demands on my personal time: *
I can make clear distinctions between my own emotions and the emotions of others: *
I am able to choose whether I feel other people's emotions or not: *
I tend to remain calm and focused in emergencies: *
When I think of large projects, or places I have to get to at a specific time, I feel pretty relaxed: *
I make time to laugh and have fun, and I look forward to the future: *
I tend to trust that new situations and new relationships are going to work out: *
I'm able to change my mind when I discover better information and new ideas *
I can relax and calm myself down, and I have reliable self-soothing skills: *
I'm comfortable talking about my talents and my achievements: *
I can move on from situations that aren't healthy or really can't work: *
I have a fairly easy time changing problem behaviors when I become aware of them: *
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About this consultation
I understand that a Dynamic Emotional Integration® consultation is not a substitute for psychotherapy or medical advice, and I take full responsibility for alerting my healthcare and mental health practitioners about any changes resulting from this consultation that may affect my current treatment (if any) *
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