The Coolness of Crystals

Spring solstice is right around the corner, and I find myself spending more time looking up: at the moon, up at the birds as they start their migration, and up at the Joshua Trees looking for blooms. I'm struck as I walk my path by all the new growth I see. In nature, it is oftentimes nurtured by all the dead stuff around it. New growth is interesting. Our brains need it to stay healthy and strong, but to get it we get stymied, frustrated, and overwhelmed-all very normal when learning something new! Oftentimes, I find myself focused on where I am and the fact that I'm not necessarily accomplishing everything I want to accomplish and I realize I'm really comfortable!  My emotions remind me that growth isn't easy or comfortable and that I can be grounded + stable while I am uncomfortable.

This month we are curating a little ceremony around cultivating the nourishment in our lives that we might want around us while we are growing. We began the month off by looking to see if anything in our lives needed revisiting, reframing, or reevaluating and then looking for things that symbolize what we want around us as we grow. 

Crystals can be infused with the essence of those shifts. We wanted to offer you some ideas in case you were needing a little prompt. Ultimately, it is our goal for you to find things in nature and in life that you bring your own ideas and symbolism to.  Feel free to use this as a guide if you like. Or feel free to swat it away if you already have your own meanings to crystals or other ideas of what you would like to bury in the soil during our ceremony on the 26th. 

Amethyst: helps connect you to your intuition + awareness and use the energy in fear for good.

Agate: WARRIOR STONE! Helps us remember that courage, confidence + strength are developed over time under harsh conditions.

Amazonite: Communication skills baby! Remind us that clear communication is about both the sender and the receiver getting the same message.

Jade: Inspires conditions to aid in accomplishing objectives.

Malachite: helps us work with anxiety and tease out the messages and helps us see what "really" needs to happen right now". If you have anxiety you can be grateful that there is no immediate danger!

Black Obsidian: Brings courage when we are ready.

Black Tourmaline: supports grounding and enhances curiosity.

Citrine: helps broken hearts heal.

Clear Quartz: Balance baby! It sure is a wonky thing. Even on the solstice we don't have 50% day and 50% night. It's a little wonky!

Moonstone: Reminds us that balance can enhance inner growth.

If you are working on something specific go out and find yourself some small reminders of the things you want to curate in your life to support you. 






Andrea Watkins