Change It Up!

I'm feeling pretty good these days! I've emerged from my underworld. My anxiety is really excited because it gets to take a break and let contentment come up and celebrate movement!  I also have a troubling relationship issue with a very dear friend that I need to figure out what to do with and I am realizing that I need sit and listen to my emotions and take care of myself in a way that is different than when I was fully immersed in my underworld.

Right now I'm putting together some content for a self care video and I am focusing on a tip:

Change it up!

And I wanted to share my thoughts here too and find out how you know it's time to change something up.

The third layer: deep meaningful connection is a tricky little bugger because it moves. You work your way through the second layer, implement strong self care practices and you shift and arrive in the third layer. You get to sail along here enjoying a refreshing vacation from the second layer...but inevitably those uncomfortable feelings come up or a situation happens that throws you right out of the third layer. 

You hunker down and fortify yourself with the last or only self care routine you have for yourself. You look at the pictures of your favorite place on your desk and nothing. No relief. Really?!?!

It sounds simple, but changing it up can be a really great way to nourish yourself while you are exploring the messages in your emotions. Maybe it is changing up the pictures on your desk? If you really feel ready to dive in check out my post on the Quaternity Model, and if you already have go ahead and do an Elemental Balance Inventory to see where your elements are.

Is there one small thing you could try in your self care routine that is different from what you are doing now?







Andrea Watkins