Burning Contracts-Oh Yeah!

I started this ceremony off a little differently. We started by making a wish. I was touched seeing people smile when they decided what they wanted to wish for. A child-like energy was flittering about as people wrote down their wishes. “What's next?” “What now?” “Oh, I can't wait!”

We sent our wishes flying to the sky.

Our psyche loves small movements. When we wish for something new in our lives we must look to our soul to discover the one thing we need to release to make room for that new something.   When we let go, space is created for our wishes to gently land in the fertile soil of our soul.

After deciding on something to let go, we wrote it down on paper and offered it to the fire. The flames ceremoniously tending that which no longer serves us. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust.

I feel strong when I burn contracts. Whether I have the opportunity to take it out to nature or make believe in my imagination. Burning contracts is a powerful exercise that helps me make conscious movements in my life. With a sense of ease and grace that my soul appreciates.


Andrea Watkins