The Flow of Anxiety

I’m not gonna lie. It has been intense. I’ve found myself forcefully exhaling on a regular basis.

Proposals due at work, a wedding this weekend, family and other guests coming into town. It is a lot.

I’ve been practicing Karla’s statement for anxiety:

There is enough time for everything important.

I executed on my pieces of the proposal. It was due at 5:00 this evening and we were finished and emailing it out at 4:45. Got to celebrate real quick!

Then drove home to run back out and get a workout in. I really didn’t want to go, but lately the exercise has left me feeling really good inside my body after I’m finished. So I took a chance and went. I was right. The intense (heavy lifting day) workout did leave me feeling energized. Yay!

Whoo Hooo Celebration!

But we have more to do! On to the next tasks.

Up next: The Wedding

Again, there is enough time for everything important.

When I get the balance of the elements right for the situation: eating, sleeping, exercising, drinking, nature, connection with loved ones, play breaks….my special prescription of elements to support the tasks and actions I need to take quite wonderfully.

My self care prescription has included nature breaks, lots of exhaling and connecting to my bones and heart Leopard Warrior style, hard exercise.

I am so looking forward to enjoying my family and having a wonderful time celebrating my son marrying his love.

See you soon!

Andrea Watkins