“We don’t so much build communities as we are already built into them. Just by being here in the world our life is with others, and it is in this communal context work belongs. By throwing yourself into a task, you take part in the world, give it your gifts and bring it your love”

Michael meade

What could a workplace be?

Emotions are a part of every relationship, every decision, and every behavior we have. They are at the heart of social skills and social skills are the heart of challenging situations. We tend to believe managers are responsible for creating the conditions for this to happen, and they are, but I believe when people have skills, ways of finding clarity, and restorative practices the workplace can be a place of respite, a place to learn, adapt, grow, and achieve great things.

Empathy at Work Labs

These experiences are part learning and part practice. We’ll explore topics like healthy boundaries, building trust, power, resourcing, mentorship, emotion labor, and empathic burnout.


Books are chosen to explore the research and ideas that are shaping the conversations about emotions and empathy in the 21st century. We discuss topics on mindfulness, affective neuroscience, ethology, attachment, addiction, non-defensive communication and others.

1-1 Consultations

If you are struggling with repetitive situations at work, a consultation can help. In a one hour session we’ll talk about how things really are for you. Together we will look at the emotions that are present and we’ll begin to find practices that support your gifts, your talents, and your inner voice. Develop skills to help you navigate the swells and make your way to calmer waters where you can make grounded and focused decisions.