Andrea lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband and her pup, Squibnocket.

She loves helping people connect and honor the things that help them feel centered. She specializes in teaching about and holding space for strong emotions that surface to help navigate challenging situations. She balances this intensity with a strong focus on teaching the value of self care. She works with people who are navigating challenges at work and people who are experiencing challenges in their personal lives.

Andrea has participated in many healing rituals with Karla McLaren, Tino Plank, Michael Meade, John Lockley, Jack Kornfield and uses this lineage to ground her work with people who are longing to shift behaviors, adopt new ideas, and birth something new in their lives.

She finds inspiration in nature and lets all of the elements guide her work.

Dynamic Emotional Integration® is the foundation which all of her work is built upon. She believes when we listen to the messages in our emotions we can navigate any situation with grace, dignity, and empathy.

If you’d like to connect and talk, I offer a 20 minute consultation. We can explore if we are a good fit for one another, and, if not, find a consultant or trainer who could be of service.


Most days you will find me getting my dose of nature or taking a break with Squibnocket by my side. If you happen to find yourself on a Zoom meeting with me, chances are you will hear the beast snoring in the background. He is my sidekick! When I hold events in my home Squib is known to snuggle in and relax right where he is called to to do so. You can follow him on Instagram if you'd like a dose of pure Frenchie Bliss delivered to your feed!