Embrace the quiet where you are protected from the distracting noise and messages of the modern world. Listen, can you hear your instincts and intuition?

You might find working with Andrea helpful if you are:

  • experiencing a challenging relationship, a break up, or divorce

  • struggling at work-either you need “soft” skills or you are working with someone who doesn’t have them

  • want to minimize using addictions and distractions to chill out and relax

  • having a difficult time saying no or asserting yourself

  • want to connect more deeply with people, but have a hard time reconciling when conflict happens

using Ritual, nature, and labs to foster connection, healing, and transformation

In an Empathy Lab or personal consultation we create space for the difficult, dark, and so called negative emotions to be heard and honored as we set sail in the uncharted waters of transformation. In the safety of an empathy lab or consultation you feel and listen to your emotions, honor what was, and open yourself to possibilities. A consultation or participating in an empathy lab can:

  • help reframe vulnerability in day-to-day life

  • give us a safe space to practice new skills to create and maintain strong, healthy connections with ourselves and others

  • let us practice emotion welcoming mindfulness practices that can increase (or decrease) one’s emotional range and resilience