Self care and concern for others must coexist. I hope you were able to explore your emotional ecosystem this week and see where you are nourished and where you are drained. By increasing our emotional vocabulary we can begin to decipher the messages our emotions are delivering us through the sensations we feel in our bodies. By soothing ourselves we create space to interact with our emotions and explore new courses that lead us to new emotional destinations. We can explore, investigate, play, and move on to new destinations with new found information about what makes us feel good. So that when things that don't feel good arise we can gently and calmly regroup and explore new ideas and ways of interactin gwith the world.

We never really arrive. So don't think you are there just yet...keep exporing and discovering. Taking with you the things that you find work and let go of things that don't work Stay open to things that work now not working in the future. 

Working with your emotions in this way keeps you agile and nimble!