Happy New Year

Ritual helped me honor this wonderful response while also creating a sense of safety and tenderness for myself to understand how it also gets me into the wrong kind of trouble.
— Andrea Watkins

It is new year’s eve and I feel like time has all of a sudden moved into hyper drive. Two weeks ago we were celebrating the winter solstice and enjoying the darkness and rest. Now we’re talking about new year resolutions, moving forward, making shit happen, and what we’re going to change or manifest in 2019. Not that I can’t move on, I just haven’t finished feeling into what 2018 uncovered for me. I spent a good part of the year noticing, honoring, and working with a pattern I developed as a young person.

I had my first asthma attack when I was two years old. When I couldn’t breath it was really scary. I remember knowing that lying down made my breathing worse, so I would prop myself up and relax. Breath easy. I’d stay calm for as long as I could hoping that I’d be able to breath again. It never really worked. I would feel more scared, begin to cry, then go get my mom. After helping me with my inhaler she’d make warm lemon and honey water to sip and hold me on her lap in the rocking chair. We would rock and wait to see if I would be able to breath again or if we needed to go to the hospital. Even though I still couldn’t breath, I knew it would come soon.

This ability to relax has saved my life many times and it has also gotten me in a little bit of the wrong kind of trouble along the way!

I decided to use ritual to crack time open. I wanted space to nurture my tendency to relax and have the support I need to look at the wrong kind of trouble I’ve been getting into.

What would I do differently? When can I relax? Could I bring these new ideas to life?

When I’m ready, I’ll close down my ritual and step fully into 2019 with some new ideas!

How do you integrate behaviors that have helped you survive and gotten you into the wrong kind of trouble?

Dynamic Emotional Integration® welcomes and honors all of our emotions and helps us see the gifts, intelligence, and skills each one brings.

What will you awaken this year?